“Time to grow leaps and bounds.”


Her Voice University is a place to grow LEAPS and BOUNDS!

Throughout 2019, we are hosting SIX courses that we believe will help you grow in very specific areas.


Each course offers:

  • Four sessions total, approximately 45 minutes each

  • An instructor who is an expert on the subject

  • A free PDF document to compliment the content; this is posted in your FaceBook group

  • LIVE classes every other week on the scheduled dates; or you may view the replay of the videos at any time

  • A private FaceBook Group; once you register, you will receive an email with a link to join a private FaceBook Group where your class content will be delivered

  • Interaction with your teacher and community during weeks of the LIVE sessions 

  • Optional complimentary books and/or resources for purchase 

  • When you register for any of these courses you will also have access to the replays, so even if you can’t join live you are still able to participate.




Her Voice University takes on a new twist and we think it’s going to create some waves!

Host a “STILL” Small Group

While most of our courses are teaching content to you and that’s all, we actually want to give you content that you will intentionally use to deliver directly to people in your sphere of influence who need a small community group.

Would you be willing to host a 4-week small group?

Host a Still Group in Your Home! 

For the months of April, May, and June of 2019 we are gathering as many home hosts as we can. We believe God wants to use everyone to reach people for Him, not just the “spiritually elite.” If you have a device to play some videos, a way to print a sheet of paper for each person at your group, and learn along side your guests, we believe that God will show up in your group!!

All you have to do is have access to the Still Series (which has been discounted for these three months to $29 for the purpose of this launch) Purchase Here and then REGISTER HERE

We believe in you!! JUST SAY “YES” and GOD WILL DO THE REST! 

Register as a Host:



Her Voice University Course 2


“Breaking Free from the Bondage of Food”

Description: Do you find yourself frustrated with food? Ashamed of your body? Afraid that food will make you fat? Maybe you even find yourself using food to escape, cope, numb, punish, or nurture yourself. YOU CAN BREAK FREE FOREVER.  The journey to food freedom is a pursuit to break the bondages of both food addictions and the mindsets that keep us bound. God not only cares about what we eat, but He also is concerned about why we eat it. Food was created for health and pleasure, but many of us have imprisoned ourselves with the very things that God intended for our good. Join me as we walk together into food freedom.

Your Instructor: Ann Hammock

Session 1: March 20th

Session 2: April 3rd

Session 3: April 17th

Session 4: May 1st



One Degree Leadership Course:

Description: Are you a parent, teacher, coach, employer, church leader, manager, team captain, mentor, or entrepreneur? You’re steering a ship with shipmates on board and even the smallest degree in the wrong direction will eventually lead your crew off course.

Your Instructors: Bob and Jenny Donnelly will guide you through the adoption of seven small adjustments in leadership. These adjustments are designed to help you increase your effectiveness as a leader… which translates to better results in many areas of life

Optional Resources: The One Degree Book

"Are you a leader who has a desire to see your team go to the next level? Are you a parent who wants to see your children thrive and become all that God has called them to be? Maybe you are the head of a team at church or you oversee employees on the job? This book is for you! The difference between your team getting mediocre results and excellent results is not in your team's talent or personality, but in YOUR leadership skills. You, the leader, are positioned to make this team great if you will take your leadership to the next level. It can be learned and this is why we wrote this book. See how your team, your kids, and your workplace respond when you activate these small adjustments in leadership."


Invite a friend and we’ll see you in class!