I had a dream several years ago where God said, “If I were to name my women collectively, I would name her Rose.” He helped me understand later, through the thorny stem and soft fragrant petals, that we as women are 100% fierce and 100% feminine! He was revealing our original design! So there it is... femininity and fierceness are not opposing attributes! They are complementary to sustain each other. 

In an attempt to harvest roses without thorns, botanists found that insects invaded and destroyed the petals because a thornless rose has no protection. As women, we are protectors, fighters, and warriors. We are tender, beautiful, and fragrant. All at the same time.

From one rose to another, may we fiercely and tenderly touch the lost together. 

Jenny Signature 50.jpg

Wife to my hero Bob, 

Mother of five warriors, 

Co-Pastor of 

The Collective Church in Portland (PDX), Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker.