With each HVM partnership, our mission is to bring solutions to a problematic world.


For every two shirts purchased, we buy one soccer cleat for a youth in Zambia.


Shirts For Shoes

Over 700 youth from all over Zambia are a part of Precision Sports Academy an organization started to give children living in extreme poverty the opportunity to have emotional, spiritual, and physical mentorship.

After visiting in August, it became very real to us that the villages are full of children and families with nothing. Soccer is their life. It’s what brings them joy, but also a culture where character and training for greater vision can begin.

This is not just a game. This is their family and hope for becoming more than a repeat of their current conditions. We saw that most of them had no shoes, just one shoe (sharing with a friend) or shoes that were completely torn and passed down through dozens of kids.

We have created Shirts For Shoes in order to give these kids more shoes on their feet. When you buy a shirt, you are literally putting a shoe, and a dream, in a child’s life.Thank you so much for your purchase! We also purchase uniforms and equipment when extra donations are made. (Donate Here) Precision Sports Academy is directed through the vision and ministry effort of Pastor Gabriel and Melissa Mwamba.

Proceeds go towards the economic empowerment of women getting out of the sex trafficked industry.


Purity & Majesty

Purity & Majesty is a multi-faceted company whose mission is to harness the power of business to put an end to the global epidemic of sex slavery.

This Empowerment box is how we are harnessing the power of business to help restore & re-establish survivors of the sex trafficked industry. With lack of money being one of the main reasons why survivors return to the industry, we are looking to stand in the gap with a tangible economic opportunity. This Empowerment box is sent to committed survivors in transitional homes so they can earn income while they are healing and restoring. This box is filled with all the supplies needed for them to be taught how to make a line of our jewelry with precision & excellence.