“It all started with a few of us girls.”


In 2012, a group of friends planned a cabin weekend getaway.  We made a simple decision to worship God without any schedule or rigid plan.  Our desire was to encounter Him face to face.  Holy Spirit showed up and ignited our hearts. Little did we know, the fire inside us would spread and multiply, taking us all over the world.  

We weren’t trying to “build” anything. However, driving down from the mountain, there was a quiet knowing between us that we couldn’t keep what we had experienced to ourselves: signs; wonders; healings; and the most precious prize of all - His love.

We didn’t realize this is what people call “revival.” 

Over the past six years, these living-room gatherings have grown by word of mouth alone and have quietly come to be known by the name, “Drenched.” They still happen around the country today! We’d love for you to attend one and all. 

In December 2016, the Lord instructed us to gather the warrior princesses from all over the nation to meet in a larger “living room setting” in Portland, OR.  Selling out at 620 women from around the United States, this would be the first national gathering of the “Her Voice Movement.” Chasing the breadcrumbs of God’s leading throughout 2017, we believe we’ve discovered His intent for Her Voice:

The purpose of Her Voice Movement is to equip women with a voice that resounds the Father’s Heart. 

Sisters, it’s only just begun! Shoulder to shoulder, sword-and-shield to sword-and-shield, let’s put our personal and denominational differences behind us. We are united in Jesus! May God give you the confidence to walk in the revelation of His love, which will empower you to resound His Voice from house to house, workplace to workplace, school to school, and country to country. 

I love living this great adventure with you!

 – Jenny Donnelly